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Varangian Voice Periodical Magazine

The Varangian Voice is a magazine of research articles, news and reports relating to the activities, interests and experiences of the New Varangian Guard.

The Varangian Voice was originally published in 1984 as the “extremely unofficial news letter of the New Varangian Guard.” (VV Issue 1). Since then it has grown to become a well-respected re-enactment and historical magazine, with international distribution.

The Varangian Voice is available in either paper or electronic format.

Electronic Copies: Available free as a .pdf download

Take a look at the Table of contents of each VV magazine if you're in search of a particular article.

Hard Copies (A4 Booklet format):
- NVG Inc. Members $18.00
- Other Clubs/Individuals $20.00
- Overseas $25.00 Australian
- Article Contributors receive a free copy

Back Issues
Back issues of the Varangian Voice are available either on CD (.pdf files) or in hardcopy.

Varangian Voice CD
Contains from Issue 1 to the current issue and the Varangian Voice Index. Cost: $10

Varangian Voice Hardcopies

Issue Numbers Approx. No. Pages Cost A4 Booklet (each)
1 - 7 8 $1.00
8 - 14 12 $1.50
15 - 22 24 $2.40
23 - 38 32 $3.20
39 - 43 24 $2.40
44 - current 28 $2.80

Prices do not include postage, which will vary with the quantity and destination. To help you work out approximate postage, 500 A4 pages weighs ~2490g.

Cheques or money orders for subscriptions, CD or hardcopies of back issues should be made payable to
'New Varangian Guard Varangian Voice'. Post to:

  Jeremy Draper
Editor – Varangian Voice
7a Collins Avenue, Edwardstown SA 5039

Contributions may be made by members of the New Varangian Guard Inc. and other interested parties. Contributors receive a free copy.

Submissions should be emailed to editor@nvg.org.au or posted to Editor – Varangian Voice (postal address above)

It is preferred that submissions be received electronically (including pictures), as this saves the Editor a considerable amount of time re-typing or scanning. However, submissions for the publication may be received in hard copy (either type written or word processed). Articles should include the full name and address of the author and should be received four weeks prior to the publication date. Articles can be submitted on Floppy Disk (IBM format) and this will be returned with the author’s copy of the magazine. The author should take steps to ensure that any article submitted electronically is virus free. No responsibility can be taken for missing or damaged disks. Articles must include references to sources (a bibliography).

The current typeface used is Time New Roman 12 point and is published using MS Word 2000. However, almost any Word Processing format can be converted.

All rights reserved. No part of the Varangian Voice may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, whether electronic, mechanical or manual, in whole or part without written permission of the Editor. Copyright for all the articles appearing is reassigned to the author of the respective article, with the exception that the Varangian Voice reserves the right to reprint articles as and when the Editor sees fit.

Our electronic online issues are current available via the links section. You can search for a specific article using our site search engine, just remember to set the type to "links" if you do not want to include other areas of the site in your search.

VV History
The Varangian Voice began as the “extremely unofficial news letter of the New Varangian Guard.”, at this stage the ‘Editor’ was an Ordinary Member position of the Melbourne Garrison.

Throughout the 80’s the Voice continued to grow in size and quality. By Issue 18 in November 1990 the Varangian Voice Policy stated, “The Varangian Voice is produced quarterly…”, this remained so until approximately 2006. With access to the internet becoming the norm for most re-enactors, many of the regular contributors began posting articles directly on web pages. With this reduction in regular contributions the VV moved to a ‘periodical’ format, aiming for 2 issues per year.

From some where around Issue 14 May ‘89, the VV had started to be printed with cardboard covers and had taken on a much more professional appearance. By this time the NVG was expanding and over the next 4 years would grow to 8 garrisons in the Eastern states. The Editor of the VV passed to whoever would volunteer to take it on. When the NVG became Incorporated in 1994, the position of Editor was created as part of the NVG Inc. National Body Executive and it has remained that way ever since.

Despite the VV having been in print for over 20 years, the list of Editors is quite short. The hard work of the volunteers that got the VV started and the tireless efforts of the subsequent editors (again all volunteers), have made the VV the quality, respected publication.

The Varangian Voice Editors:

Issue Number(s) # of Issues Editor Month/Year(s)
1 1 Stuart & Angela March 1984
2 – 7 6 Steve Nicholl Jun’84 – Sept’86
8 – 14 7 Stephen (Sven) Wyley Feb’87 – Apr’89
15 – 17 3 Melissa O’Brien & Megan Baldwin Late’89 – Mid’90
18 – 21 4 Michael Docherty Nov’90 – Feb’92
22 – 28 7 Amanda Gorry (Baker) May’92 – Aug‘93
29 – 38 10 Julie Heron Nov’93 – Feb’96
39 – 52 14 Amanda Baker May’96 – Aug’99
53 – 67+ 15+ Jeremy Draper Feb’00 – May’04+

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