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This document outlines each of the features on the website and how you can use them.

Contribute / Topics

In this section you can add complete articles that you have written. They will be published on the website so that everyone can read them, and fellow members can comment on your article.

If you would like to add an article to NVG Inc, please click on "Contribute" in the menu at the top of the screen. Type your article, or copy and paste into the boxes provided. You can provide an introduction that will be visible on the home page and in the topic menu, and the rest of your body text. If you would like to include images, you can have up to 10 and follow the instructions in the contribute panel to make them show up in your topic.

After writing your article, choosing a topic and adding a title, click submit and the NVG Inc website will do the rest. A moderator will check your submission as a formality so that we can avoid having any spam added to the website and your topic will be available on the website for everyone ASAP.


If you know of a website that you think the rest of NVG should know about then please add it to the links section. You can add a link and description by clicking "Add a link" from the links area. You can choose a topic already created, or suggest a new topic for your link by choosing "other" in the addition process.

A moderator will check your link to make sure it works correctly and then approve it ASAP. This is merely a formality to avoid any spam in the NVG system.


If you have any events or occasions that you think we should know about then add them to the calendar. These can be club events, shows, special occasions, or even your birthday. Go to the calendar area and select "add an event", then follow the prompts provided. Your link will be checked ASAP by a moderator as a formality to prevent spam.


Members can create their own folder/album in the gallery and add as many photos as they wish, or add photos to some existing albums.

To create your own album follow these steps.
  1. Crop all the photos you will add to the gallery to 600x900 pixels (or 900x600 pixels)
  2. Log in and go to the gallery
  3. Click "New Album" (at the top of the gallery)
  4. Do not add photos yet. First go back to the main Gallery page. Click "edit title", then "edit description" and finally give the album a nice url.
  5. When you have done all this, click the title of the album to enter it and start adding your photos.
  6. When you are done, if you want other people to be able to add photos use the drop down menu to edit "permissions". Select the users from the list (or "loggedin" if you want any member to be able to add photos [ie. for joint events]) and add them to the fields that currently say "Nobody".
To add photos to an existing album
  1. Crop all the photos you will add to the gallery to 600x900 pixels (or 900x600 pixels)
  2. Enter the album you wish to add photos to by clicking its title
  3. If you have permission to add photos to this album, the drop down menu will list "add photos"
  4. Follow the prompts to add as many photos as you like
If you have trouble with any of these steps an Administrator or Moderator will help you ASAP. Post a request in the forum or send an email to the Administrator.

The owner or editor of an album can also change the highlighted image, reorder the album, and alter properties such as the description and keywords. You can even add a poll to your album. Play with the drop down menus and links to see what you can do. There are album options and photo options.

Even if you have not added any photos, you can add comments to photos in other peoples albums. Perhaps you would like to share an anecdote about the photo or tell the world what you think of it.


If you can't find something on the NVG site or want to know if a topic has already been discussed then click on "Search" at the top of the page and type in key words for that topic. The search engine will search as much or as little of the site as you want. For example you could search for a topic site wide, or only in the forums.


The tips at the top of the screen are designed to tell you interesting things that you can do with the NVG inc website and things about the website that you may not have known before. You can view every tip that is in the system by clicking on the link directly below them, or click on the current tip to be taken to the area that is most relevant to what it says.

NVG Inc Documents

These areas contain PDF documents and information relating to NVG and its branches. If any information in these sections needs updating (eg. Branch contacts) then please email the administrator so that they can be updated as soon as possible. If you think there should be another page added there please email the administrator with the subject and contents (if you know them) and they will be added in ASAP.

Varangian Voice Issues

Back issues of the Varangian Voice will be added as they are made available and will be in PDF format. These are available via the links area, while further information about the magazine is also available on the websites. If there are any queries please direct them to the editor.


The rest of the right hand side contain information about who's online, latest stories, comments, links and forum posts on the NVG website, plus upcoming events, extra menu items and access to your account and user preferences. Please explore all of these options in time to fully utilise the new system and set up your account the way you want it.

You can select areas of the site to turn off, or areas of the site where you would like to receive email notification about changes.

Most of all, thankyou for supporting the NVG inc website. Your contributions benefit everyone, so please support the site by utilising its features.


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