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Combat Rules & Safety Standards

This document represents the results of Agenda Item 9 of the NVG Inc. National Council Meeting held on the 10th of April 1994 at Wagga Wagga, N.S.W. These Rules and Standards now apply to all members of the New Varangian Guard Inc.This document represents nearly fifteen years experience in re-enactment combat for the purposes of education, research and most of all, fun. The purpose of this document is to clearly set out the rules for General and Projectile Combat, the specifications for equipment, and the guide-lines fmeet before the proposed combat to clarify the rules and type of combat to be used. Safety is of prime importance and if any of these rules, standards or guide-lines are found to be deficient in any way common sense must prevail.

The New Varangian Guard Inc. admits no liability if goods are damaged or destroyed, or people are adversely effected in any way while following these rules, standards and guide-lines.

If any errors or omissions occur in this document please notify the NVG Inc. National Secretary.

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