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Varangian Voice

  • VV Issue 69 (812)
    In this issue: Medieval and Renaissance Fair South Australia 2004; Walking under the Southern Cross; Melbourne Medieval Fair & Tournament; Differences in Turkish and Mongolian clothing of the 13th and 14th Century; Byzantine Processional Crosses.
  • VV Issue 70 (1,209)
    In this issue: What was worn under the tunic in the 11th century; Chests catalogue 8th - 13th century Europe; The military equipment of Johannes Tzimiskes in the Cavusin paintings, Goreme, Dovecote church: The skaplion-zaba; European hauberk construction.
  • VV Issue 71 (1,316)
    In this issue: New discovery of Viking Age clothing from Pskov, Russia; Sword vs Shield; Scale armour construction; Viking chest lock: Instruction on how to make a Viking chest lock; 2007 Medieval Conference Reports - Damp-a-con, Cheddar Con, 2007 Period encampment inspection report & archery competition results; Book review - Viking: Sworn Brother - The heroes of the North live on.
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