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Varangian Voice

  • VV Issue 59 (680)
    In this issue: Past times: Vlachernai's 20th birthday & Al Zinj's archery results; A history of the NVG; The making of a bone archer's ring; A history of the city Chersonesos; What is it?; Three book reviews; Relics of the Varangians part 4; A light in the dark; A battle at Corryong (The Gathering).
  • VV Issue 60 (688)
    In this issue: Past times: Vlachernai Garrison's 20th birthday event; The Khazars; Amongst the treasures of Mt Athos - Greek manuscripts of Hodegon monastry; Authenticity: Holy grail or holy hand grenade; Ballock or kidney daggers; Making a hardened leather lamellar; Burning down the house.
  • VV Issue 61 (711)
    In this issue: The Armidale Oddesy; Two representations of Byzantine quilted armour in the Tokali Kililse; The battle of Larissa; The Swiss; A Marshall's report from Armidale.
  • VV Issue 62 (717)
    In this issue: The Viking longhouse project; Small round shields; Making horn armour; Two headed axes in the middle ages; Some interesting shoes.
  • VV Issue 63 (1,133)
    In this issue: Siege and skirmish event report; Vlachernai skirmish weekend; The dekad: Size and composition; The great rhomphaia controversy; Siegfried.
  • VV Issue 64 (633)
    In this issue: 2003 conference report; Vlachernai archery event report; Project 1453 report; Comments on "What is it?"; A manuscript illustration; Feasts and food under felt; Integral and separate coifs at the battle of Hastings; Knattleikr: The Trelleborg rules with Vlachernai variations.
  • VV Issue 65 (937)
    In this issue: A report on BMFAT from the NVG; The tvinningsben or lucet; Reconstruction of the Coppergate sock; The Byzantine kavadion; Interpretation of the identity of the 2 cavalrymen in the Dovecote church; Book review: Arthur and the lost kingdoms.
  • VV Issue 66 (1,212)
    In this issue: Melbourne medieval fayre and tourney report; A Byzantine passtime: Stovmachion - stovmakion; Byzantine shield patterns - Making use of primary sources; The sabre of Charlemagne; A fur lined Rus kaftan; Some possible models for the kavadion; A full suit of Korean lamellar armour.
  • VV Issue 67 (823)
    In this issue: In memoriam Valerie Houghton; Reconstruction of the Viborg shirt; The military equipment of Johannes Tzimiskes in the paintings of the Dovecote church, Cavusin: the spear; Vlachernai archery weekend, Kinglake; Recipe: Beef and ale stew; The gathering 2004: Corryong; The Raid.
  • VV Issue 68 (980)
    In this issue: MMFAT 2004; Obituary: Mikko Sikstrom; A Veneto-Byzantine chest? Casket of the blessed Juliana of Collalto; Traveller's tales; Garrison names in the NVG; Decorating horn and bone the peasant way; The Hussars; Footwork: Re-enactment fighting and George Silver
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