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Varangian Voice

  • VV Issue 49 (1,183)
    In this issue: Byzantine lamellar armour - Conjectural reconstruction of a find; Is this the heart of the Byzantine empire; How well armoured were the Emperor's Varangians - Another point of view; Byzantine bags; How to make a replica of a Viking table based on the Sala Hytta find; Nikephorian questions
  • VV Issue 50 (695)
    In this issue: What is a castle; Genesis of the Emperor's Varangians - A new theory; Simple Viking jewellery; Projectile combat; How to construct a projectile combat helm; The "Lund" Viking stool; Reading sources: Material detail in Byzantine literature.
  • VV Issue 51 (593)
    In this issue: Turkish leather water bottles; Anglo-Saxon beards and Harold Godwinson's amazing handlebar moustache; Runes as everyday literacy; Where does a Turk keep his money?
  • VV Issue 52 (654)
    In this issue: NVG Inc web page; Ring headed pins; Heraldry and the 12th century shield; A warrior with a Danish axe in a Byzantine ivory panel; Mediterranean camp cooking menus; 13th century central Asian/middle eastern clothing from existing garments.
  • VV Issue 53 (620)
    In this issue: The end of the Viking age; Temple rings and female headdress of the eastern Slavs in Rus part 1; Wierd and wacky weapons of the PBI.
  • VV Issue 54 (704)
    In this issue: How to make a Viking toy horse; Eating in Byzantium - Provisioning and mess practice in the Byzantine army; A Varangian recruitment officer; Book review: The Mastermyr find - A Viking age tool chest from Gotland; The Byzantine diadem.
  • VV Issue 55 (693)
    In this issue: Past times: NVG annual archery tournament, Joint training Pt Gellibrand; Past times ahead: Australian medieval re-enactment conference; Eastern archery; Byzantium: The English connection; Relics of the Varangians part 1; Book review: A history of the Kings of England; The use of sword on sword; Two Chinese archery games; What's the name of your sword.
  • VV Issue 56 (751)
    In this issue: Report: Hastings 2000; Secrets of bigger, faster medieval ships uncovered by Channel Island ferries; Yet another satchel; The skills expected of an archer; What is a Viking?; Relics of the Varangians part 2; Eating in Byzantium.
  • VV Issue 57 (752)
    In this issue: Past times: Nordmannia feast report & NVG AGM; Sven Asliefson: last of the Vikings; Eating in Byzantium; The seal of Bardas; Relics of the Varangians part 3; An interesting collection of archer's rings; The great Hastings trip; Book review: Somerled and the emergence of Gaelic Scotland.
  • VV Issue 58 (858)
    In this edition: NVG on the internet; Vlachernai Garrison's 20th birthday event; Interpretation of the identity of the 2 cavalrymen in the Dovecote church, Goreme; Everyday life with the Emperor's Varangians; Byzantine woman's stola & palla & Byzantine men's tunica; The Godwins: A family of power; Friends and foes of Byzantium
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