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Varangian Voice

  • VV Issue 39 (701)
    In this issue: A pre-battle ritual; Basic Viking belt, pouch and cape; Whither the NVG - A reply; Viking network; Viking souvenir and Sigtuna museum; Hamaval; A simple shoe; A medieval Byzantine helmet; Certain historical facts; Book review; Food, glorious food.
  • VV Issue 40 (713)
    In this issue: Items of interest on Queen Melisende's psalter covers; Svyatoslav codex; Byzantine game of Empodizon Ischadas or Bob Fig; African armour on the eve of the 2nd Punic war; A pilgrim's alms satchel; Sven's conference tips; The fletching register; Domesday book; Book review; Food, glorious food.
  • VV Issue 41 (1,072)
    In this issue: Post empire Byzantine warriors - The Stradiotes; Approaches to re-enactment; The work of angles; Two unusual bottles; Queen Melisende's psalter covers part 2; NVG gathering Oct '96; Food, glorious food.
  • VV Issue 42 (655)
    In this issue: Commentary; Combat rule review; When is Sviatoslav not "the" Sviatoslav; A short history of Byzantine Thessalonika; Byzantine armour for re-enactors; A survey of cloth armours depicted in the Maciejowski bible; The common art of regicide; Book review.
  • VV Issue 43 (561)
    In this issue: The foot soldier; Bringer of plenty; And ne'er the twain shall meet?; Primary sources for Viking information; Food, glorious food.
  • VV Issue 44 (619)
    In this issue: The "Pioneer helmet"; Battle numbers; A diplomat's view of Constantinople in the 10th century; Trivia; the 2 Saints Cyril; A more problematic tunic pattern of our period; A select chronology of Byzantium part 1; The spear butt; The real Gothic script; The bear; Measuring military hardware; Havamal translations;
  • VV Issue 45 (707)
    In this issue: A select chronology of Byzantium part 2; Errata; Experiments with early medieval pottery; A brief history of velvet; Foot soldiers - or tin cans on legs?; Book review; Byzantine military coats; Havamal translations; Sebbersund - A Viking town in north Jutland, Denmark.
  • VV Issue 46 (698)
    In this issue: Group re-enactment in the social context - An opinion; To be historical or not to be historical, that is the question; More information on Byzantine padded armour and helmets; 9th Australian medieval conference competition results; History of archery - Conference paper part 1; A multiple plate helmet; More satchels; Havamal translations; Food, glorious food.
  • VV Issue 47 (792)
    In this issue: A Varangian encampment; The Armenian history of Vardapet Aistakes Lastivertc'i; Chronology of the crossbow; How heavily armoured were the Emperor's Varangians; The battle of the books; History of archery part 2 - Glossary Appendix
  • VV Issue 48 (626)
    In this issue: The mission of Bruno of Querfurt to the Pechenegs; Common life in Byzantium; Graffito of a medieval sip in Hagia Sophia cathedral; The baptism of Vladimir from the history of Yahya ibn-Said of Antioch; A replica Viking chest based on the Mastermyr find; History of archery part 3 - Glossary Appendix
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