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Varangian Voice

  • VV Issue 29 (993)
    In this issue: Adaptation of the Bocksten man's tunic; Soft armour of the Varangian period; Uses of elder; La Gran Contessa; Traveller's tales; Erotic poems from India and Spain; On the Incorporation; Fletching register; Centrepiece - Chess; Persian Metal Technology 700-1300 book review; Medieval archer's society; Bibliography of archery; Some maces; Personae and pottery part 1; Recipe review.
  • VV Issue 30 (749)
    In this issue: Outpost reports; Letter re use of personae; Insurance; Chastelet letter and press release; Middle eastern medieval tent part 1; Meandering through tapestry; Viking age scabbards from archaeological finds; Headwear and mantles for Egyptian and Arab dress part 1; History alive.
  • VV Issue 31 (728)
    In this issue: Dyrrachium life on the edge of an empire; The "Norman Bib" reconstructed; The Viking conversion to Christianity; Islamic eastern medieval tent part 2; Islamic helmet & some Byzantine helms; Know your rights, know your limits; Bocksten man 2 - Adaptation of the Bocksten man's hood; The computer and the medievalist; Global medieval information network; Unicornis captivatur Anon C13 song; Headwear and mantles for Egyptian and Arab dress part 2; Recipes for fermented milk products; Grubbing in the cesspit - Archaeology news; Conference 1995; Book reviews; Archery results.
  • VV Issue 32 (742)
    In this issue: Some examples of Ayyubid or early Mameluk leatherwork; A Byzantine style helmet based on the Skylitzes chronicle of Madrid; The spear - Be it ever so humble; Incorporation issues; Three depictions, possibly based on Varangians; A collation of some of the personal names from some of the Sagas part 1; Belly dancing costumes from Guard period illustrations part 1; Irish hairnet
  • VV Issue 33 (780)
    In this issue: Firemaking using flint and steel; The Vikings of Erin - A short history; Highlights of Denise and Sven's overseas adventure - Istanbul and Scandinavia; Belly dancing costumes from Guard period illustrations part 2; A sleeve and shoulder arrangement for hanging lamellar; A collation of some of the personal names from some of the Sagas part 2; Centrepiece - X chairs - Portable seating for the wealthy; Musical instruments and ensembles of the Byzantine era; Summary - Digenes Akritas and the armies of the Akritoi; More and yet more helmets part 1; The Varangians of Byzantium - Problems with the Blondal/Benedikz book; Infantry vs cavalry: The Byzantine response; AMCA combat survey results.
  • VV Issue 34 (748)
    In this issue: An eleventh century shirt from Denmark; More and yet more helmets part 2; Byzantine tableware; Patterns for a Turcoman shirt, coat and trousers; The spear butt; Association news - How to host an association meeting; The Gjermundbu mail shirt; Book review - Anglo-Saxon dress.
  • VV Issue 35 (731)
    In this issue: The magical belt buckle tour (poem); Conference '95; Greek fire and gunpowder in the Byzantine armies; The mystery of the 2 headed axe of Alexander Neckham; A light in the East; A Bulgarian/Byzantine hat; Authenticity - Everyone's responsibility; Against personas; Centrepiece - Some Guard period marriage customs; The English Varangians; The "Viking shield" from archaeology; There's a first time for everything.
  • VV Issue 36 (697)
    In this issue: Conferences '95; Garrisons: Authentic or practical; Relations with "The Movement"; The Armenians; Muggers of old; Viking pillow from Mammen; Food and culinary recipes of the Byzantines; Banquest vs authenticity; The Islamic shadow play - A "new" excuse for bawdiness; The English at the battle of Myriokephalon; November archery event; Archery results Batlow Sept '95; Spear penetration; Book review; Video review.
  • VV Issue 37 (1,288)
    In this issue: Kiev and the supply of Norse mercinaries to Constantinople; The oilskin cloak that never went to Batlow; Wooden shafts - One chop and they're history; Wickelbander; Centrepiece - Medieval gardens; The adoption of Byzantine equipment and customs by the Varangian Guard; The myth of purple pants; Books - Daily living in the 12th century; The Gjermundbu mail shirt; Greek fire and gunpowder part 2; The miracles of St Basil of Nausea; November archery event; Al Zinj archery tournament results; Hector Cole replica arrow heads.
  • VV Issue 38 (640)
    In this issue: Everyday life of the Emperor's Varangians; Further comment on the Varangian lifestyle; A view from Adelaide; Shovels - Not boring at all; The tale of the simpleton husband - A shadow play; A look at lamellar; European tents; Crusader helmets; Whither the New Varangian Guard?; Book review - Anglo-Saxon food.
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