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Varangian Voice

  • VV Issue 19 (862)
    In this issue: Garrison reports, book review, more on the bulgarians, scale aventail, Alverics scale aventail, VIth Conference, wrestling, cooking, games
  • VV Issue 20 (1,479)
    In this issue: the guard 10 years on, garrison reports, book review, varangians of russia, kings retinue, tourney, battle honours, a moslem view of the crusades, cooking, pastimes - riddles
  • VV Issue 21 (719)
    In this issue: Garrison reports; Book review; Force of blows; Notes on Byzantine costume; The Seljuq; Women in the Byzantine Imperial family; First aid treatments; Definition of a castle; Earliest European monarchy; Banners
  • VV Issue 22 (1,081)
    In this issue: NVG Converence 1992; Al Jinz archery competition; Autumn in Armidale; Rowany, Mountains report; Archery training report; Fletching register; Sharing information; Life on the borders of the Empire; Making a bowstring; Ankle boot construction; Islamic names; The "Varangian Rhomphaia"
  • VV Issue 23 (725)
    In this issue: National structure; Ben-Allah report; Once a jolly Varangian; Seljuq armour & weapons; Banded lamellar; Illustration of a Varangian; Peter's boot pattern; The Solenarion; Port Headland news.
  • VV Issue 24 (722)
    In this issue: Cossack fair; Things of interest; Battle standards; National body discussion; Viking shoe pattern; Letter to members; What light through yonder window breaks - Lookout a fire arrow; Fletching register; 7th medieval convention; East European heraldry; The Balkan Slavs; Uses of the Varangian Guard; Tiraz band.
  • VV Issue 25 (715)
    In this issue: A Varangian in Byzantium; Al-Zinj archery tournament; Golden arrow archery tournament; Museum contacts; The Magyars; Sabres; Update on the 7th Australasian medieval convention.
  • VV Issue 26 (622)
    In this issue: Intergarrison news; Projectile combat; Noted in Alexiad; Using carved stone as a source material; A case for personae; A 15th century battle standard; Book reviews; On the wearing of purple.
  • VV Issue 27 (743)
    In this issue: Constantinople through the eyes of the early crusaders; Byzantine coinage; Use of cosmetics and perfume in Islam; A Turko-Persian noblewoman's costume; Fletching register; Conference archery results; Book reviews.
  • VV Issue 28 (897)
    In this issue: Wagga review; Archery scores; Do the bolt; Eighth Byzantine studies conference report; Shoes from Parliament St York; Going to town; Use of cosmetics part 2; Academic historiography and historical re-enactment; The Varangian bra; The Mamluk "Furisiyya"; Song of the Riverina garrison.
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