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Varangian Voice

  • Varangian Voice Periodical Magazines (5,308)
    More information about Varangian Voice Periodical Magazines and how to subscribe and receive your own copies.
  • VV Contents (1,248)
    The tables of contents of every Varangian Voice magazine, from Issue 1 to the latest, Issue 71.
  • VV Issue 01 (1,236)
    In this issue: objectives and targets in individual combat, poem Miniver Cheevy
  • VV Issue 02 (2,554)
    In this issue: food for thought, weight of armour, two clever locks, Battle of Maldon, apple or pear cider, Gundaroo 1984, celtic art, the convention, jousting, viking axe
  • VV Issue 03 (1,250)
    In this issue: the crossbow, food for thought, t-tunic, the ruin, celtic art, riddles
  • VV Issue 04 (1,362)
    In this issue: Byzantine terms, Byzantine names, 1066 Odinfest, womans costume, the armourer, Mayday festival
  • VV Issue 05 (1,412)
    In this issue: shields, Order of the Centaur, a medieval sword, fitting and tailoring mail, recipes, damascus steel, crossbow as a surgical instrument, book of kells animals, a Varangians song, officers bransle, architectural wrought ironwork, linen cuirass and linen armour, barrel helm
  • VV Issue 06 (1,262)
    In this issue: Proposed archery standards, Anglo-Saxon riddles, hurdy gurdy, Acord (medieval songs), activities for "86", saxon shield, the bow, scramasax
  • VV Issue 07 (1,183)
    In this issue: Old Scots laws, Castlemountain '87, Maldon midwinter feast, recipes, Motte & Bailey castles, castle terminology, late breakfast, when women were tough, the word 'oak', NVG events, Ceasar invades Britain
  • VV Issue 08 (1,237)
    Conference details, arrow loops & meutrieres, better archery, fireplaces, heralds, staff weapons, annihalated again, Byzantine military regulations, NVG calendar
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