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  • All About Woad by Teresinha Roberts (931)
    UK site: Woad History, Cultivation, Extraction, Use of Dye, and more, brought to you by Teresinha Roberts who cultivates Woad and other traditional dye plants.
  • Natural Dyes by Teresinha Roberts (1,747)
    Natural red, yellow and blue dyes. Information about growing, harvesting and using a variety of natural dyes
  • Stitches and Seam Techniques (968)
    Notes on sewing historic stitches & seams, gathered by Indunna while attempting to learn stitches and construction techniques in use during the Dark Ages / Medieval period. 28 page PDF file (407 KB)
  • Tablet Weaving Braids (664)
    Braids for sale and made to order for your costume !

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