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  • Arm Street (1,686)
    Another Eastern European crew. Lots and lots and lots of very nice kit for a wide range of times and places. There is a good range of items for Slav and Mongol re-creation, in particular check out the Mongol khatangu degel armour - I would buy one just to show it off - stunning work. Custom work is also available, there's a good gallery of some of their custom pieces on the site. Reasonable prices, again watch out for the postage hurt.
  • Awl Leather Handmade Footwear & Travelgoods (1,400)
    Sturdy, carefully crafted footwear and leather accessories, including leather sandals, handmade footwear, moccasins, medieval shoes, leather art, bags, belts, wallets, travelgoods, holsters and whips. Saddlery and other horse gear made and repaired
  • Birka Traders (1,897)
    Birka Traders produces beautiful period reproduction jewellery. Peter Beatson (NVG Miklagard) is a self taught jeweller based in Sydney, Australia. Since 1993 he has been using traditional techniques to recreate the jewellery of bygone ages for Birka Traders. Each piece has a unique story to tell and is individually hand-crafted, to recreate the beauty and spirit of the original.
  • Esford Swords & Armoury. Australia (1,971)
    Esford are proud to present authentically hand crafted items,including swords, daggers, helmets maille, armour, drinking horns, tableware made from horn, Damascus steel knives and various accessories that span many eras and interests.
    We offer generous discounts to members of re-enactment groups! Tel: (07) 38921169
  • Fire Dog Forge (1,426)
    Fire Dog Forge is the work of Australian craftsman Andy Malcolm. Specializing in custom orders, all items are produced after extensive research to ensure accurate historic reproductions for the discerning re-enactor.
  • Global Gear (1,488)
    Collectors and practical (Hanwei) weapons

    U8/114 Canterbury Rd, Kilsyth Vic 3137

    ph: (03) 9761 5999 or email info@globalgear.com.au
  • Hand Wovern By Jenny (617)
    Hand Woven By Jenny - Are Hand Woven Inkle loom products by Jenny Baker ( Indunna) that could be used for belts, bands, straps and leg wraps for re-enactors of the Fur Trade, French Indian Wars, Viking & Medieval periods
  • Historic Armouries (2,407)
    Historic Armouries is an Australian retailer and importer of Dark Ages and Medieval arms, armour, feasting gear and garb. We are run by Healfdan, Kane and Andre - and between us we have around 40 years of experience in the SCA and Re-enactor groups. Established in 2006, we are the Australian and New Zealand distributer for Al Hamdd Trading Post. We welcome retailers as well as casual orders. If you'd like to see our current stock, visit our eBay store:

  • Kirby Wise Blades (1,510)
    We make period swords and daggers to order. All Items are hand forged, using the time-honored methods of forge, anvil and hammer. These are simply the best made! USA based.
  • Lawrance Ordnance - The Sharpened Edge (1,693)
    Collectors and practical arms and armour

    Ground Floor 802 George Street Sydney NSW 2000

    ph: (02) 9212 5673
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