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  • Ancient Arts Fellowship (1,297)
    The Ancient Arts Fellowship is a Dark Ages re-enactment group based in Canberra which provides historical and educational displays. Core period of interest is British and Northern European history from about 700AD to the Battle of Hastings in 1066, focusing particularly on the Vikings, Saxons and Normans.
  • As Gard (1,000)
    As Gard " Association Gardariki" – As Gard is an association of re-enactment groups which deal with our period of interest. The Association consists of 10 groups from Moscow, St.Petersburg, Novgorod and Tver. The 9th - 10th centuries are their focus point. They have some photos in their album of training in the snow...brrr. They have Slavic and Scandinavian name pages and many articles translated or being written in Russian. Dr Beatson's article on shields appears here too !
  • Asgard Einherjer (802)
    The only (actually) viking troup in the french part of Belgium...

    We go everywhere.. Poland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, England,...
  • Danelaw (1,059)
    Danelaw Medieval Fighting Society (Danelaw) is one of Australia's longest running independent Re-enactment groups with a long and glorious history of battlefield domination due to superior tactics, high training standards and the best equipment.
  • Frojel Gotlandica Re-Enactment Group (2,384)
    Vikings were all of these and more. Fröjel (Pronounced Fray-yell) is a family based Viking Re-enactment society depicting the Vikings from Fröjel harbor on Gotland, one of the richest Viking trading centers in the Viking world.

  • Gael Agus Gall (832)
    This is an Irish Living History group based in Leixlip, County Kildare re-enacting the Viking Age - 9th-11th century. It was formed in the summer of 1995 by a group of history enthusiasts keen to bring back to life the ways of their ancestors from a thousand years ago. The name Gael Agus Gall, which translates literally as "Irish and Foreigner", derives from a 12th century manuscript entitled "Cogadh Gaedel Re Gallaib".
  • Hastings 2006 (1,193)
    The Battle of Hastings 2006
    14th - 15th October 2006
    The Vikings have been asked by English Heritage to co-ordinate the administration and organisation of all the re-enactors and their activities at this event. To this end, we are inviting all Dark Age/early Medieval re-enactment groups or individuals who have (or are willing to make) kit authentic to the date 1066 and who wish to take part in the battle (metal weapons and archery) or in the Living History Encampment to pre-register their interest.
  • Imperiales Friderici II (921)
    This group does reconstructions of events and daily life in the reign of Frederic II in the 13th C. They explore virtually unknown parts of the Italian Middle Ages. Through historical re-enactment and experimental archeology they propose to produce: (1) an imperial encampment of the 13th century, complete with furniture, pottery, and other necessities; (2) combats, melees and single duels, (3) period archery both from foot and horse (4) reproductions and faithful reconstructions of the apparel and armaments of the time.
  • Ladoga (916)
    Ladoga - These are our kind of people. The Club was founded in 2001. The main activity of the club is a complex reconstruction of material culture .The majority of them specialize in slavonic antiquity with the emphasis on Novgorod. They are also interested in the history of Kievan Rus and relations between the Rus and Scandinavians, as well as with the other nations of Eurasia during the 9th - 11th centuries. This St. Petersburg club's pages are in Russian. Check out the line drawings ! An excellent resource to start reproducing your kit. These are taken from hard to find Russian archaeological journals and books. Excellent work guys!
  • Nasledie Predkov (898)
    Nasledie Predkov - Ancestral Heritage - This club is one of the strongest in Russia and possibly the most strongly represented in Moscow at inter club tournaments. They specialize in reconstructions of the culture of Russia and of its neighbours during the 9th - 10th centuries with an emphasis on military activity. They have a great web site even though it is all in Russian. It is really worth investigating the site and following the links for the line drawings and photos of archaeological finds, their club photos and their links to other groups. So what if you can't read Russian. The pictures and diagrams are magnificent. Dr Peter Beatson's article on shields appears here ...in Russian.
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