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Nautical Archaeology

  • The Holmgard Expedition (991)
    The project of Swedish viking ship Aifur. In 1994 and 1996, the reconstructed Swedish Viking Age ship Aifur made a voyage from Sigtuna on lake Mšlar in Sweden to the Black Sea port of Kherson in the Ukraine. The venture, called The Holmgard Expedition, was an attempt to navigate the passage from the Varangians to the Greeks, as mentioned in the Russian Primary Chronicle. Much is unknown about the conditions for river
  • The Rus Project (875)
    The leader of the Rus-project, Fredrik Koivusalo, started building his first Viking ship in autumn 1991. His own courtyard acting as the shipyard. Soon he had attracted a varying number of volunteers to help with the work. By 1996 the second ship, the HeimlÝsa Rus, was launched. Since they started, a lot of people of different nationalities have sailed on their ships over the years. The Rus Project sometimes has crew vacancies. So if sailing this vessel is the holiday you've dreamed of perhaps you should contact them. There are also some interesting links to co-projects.

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