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  • Christobel & Peter’s Homepage (941)
    Christobel & Peter’s Homepage – A page where they put up all the stuff they do … shoe pattern, articles on the Varangians, Byzantine army, the Viking shield … and much more…
  • Costume Wardrobe (1,118)
    A website that aims to document the history and techniques used in re-creating historically accurate medieval clothing, including Jorvik Cap, Coppergate Shoes, Kettle Helm and other medieval items, along with the author's contemporary costuming and craft creations.
  • Qilich's Nomad Resource Site (838)
    Steven Baker's Steppes Nomad Resource Site - An extensive source site on the clothing and accessories of a Steppes Nomad male. It includes patterns and photos and addresses clothing, hats, belts, pouches, archer's rings...
  • Quarf's Stuff (1,039)
    Quarf's Stuff – A big scary man abusing a horse and wearing a very scary Kipchak helmet. Then there is the pictures of his really scary friends…we want more ! But where is the Quarf Mwahahahahal!
  • Thatshim & Indunna’s Historical re~creation Projects (561)
    Thatshim & Indunna’s Historical re~creation Projects
    some of the projects of Gary & Jennifr Baker - Hodegon NVG

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