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Museums & Exhibitions

  • Australian Maritime Museum Vikings exhibition (686)
    Australian Maritime Museum "Signals 73" re Vikings exhibition December 2005-February 2006: Important artefacts from European collections - brought to Australia for the first time - help us to tell the extraordinary story of the Vikings, whose fame as fearless mariners is unrivalled in popular imagination
  • Australian Maritime Museum Vikings Teacher Resource Material (824)
    This document could be a useful resource for any Branch doing a school show. Contains Overview of the Viking era, Key artefacts, reconstructions and copies, and Primary and Secondary Programs with appropriate focus questions and key areas of learning.
  • Australian Maritime Museum: The Borobudur ship (586)
    Australian Maritime Museum "Signals 65": Imagining a ship. They sailed the seas of our region in Viking times. Could a seaworthy reconstruction be built based on eighth-century stone carvings?
  • The Antiphonal (829)
    A treasure of the State Library of South Australia. The Antiphonal, dating to the 13th century, is written on vellum, and contains the text and music for the sung responses proper to church services for the Temporal cycle of the Christian church year from Christmas Eve to the end of the feast of the Epiphany, as they were celebrated in a central Italian monastery.
  • The Medieval Imagination (675)
    A free exhibition of medieval and Renaissance illuminated manuscripts at Keith Murdoch Gallery, part of the State Library of Victoria. The exhibition 28 March - 15 June 2008 features works from Cambridge University and its colleges, which together hold one of the greatest collections of medieval manuscripts in the western world.
  • Årsunda Viking Museum (973)
    Large-scaled unemployment in the Årsunda community generated the idea of creating jobs within the tourism sector. By establishing a large Viking museum in Årsunda the hope was to generate jobs for the local community. The project is divided into three completing parts: The Årsunda Viking project is divided into three parts; Brudberget Viking farm, Viking sites and a Viking Museum.

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