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Fun and Games

  • Historic Tale Construction Kit (897)
    Create your own stories in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry
  • Kubb rules (1,488)
    Outlines kubb equipment and set up, and rules of play.
  • Varangian Song Book (1,337)
    Contemporary song lyrics set to well known tunes ('filk' style), collected by Indunna from the 'net, back copies of the Varangian Voice and other branches. 5 page PDF file (42 KB) includes 'The 12 Days of Torture', 'A Varangian Lament', 'We Are Varangians', 'Varangian Rhapsody', 'Varangian Boot Walk', 'Under The Shield Wall' and 'You've Lost All Sense Of Feeling'

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