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  • Levantia - Social history of the Levant (1,315)
    A site for the social history of the Roman Empire and Near East, roughly between the ninth and thirteenth centuries, created by Timothy Dawson as the result of twenty years involvement in medieval research, reconstruction and re-enactment. It explores this especially by means of practical reconstruction and experimentation. It also includes discussion of the issues of historiographic method and representation in public contexts.
  • News for Medievalists (A Medieval Blog) (1,106)
    The News section for Medievalists.net. Here you will find articles from newspapers, magazines, press releases and other sources, all of which deal with the Middle Ages.
  • SOL (Suda On Line) Project (932)
    The Suda is a 10th century Byzantine Greek historical encyclopaedia of the ancient Mediterranean world in five volumes, derived from the scholia to critical editions of canonical works and from compilations by even earlier authors. The Suda has never before been translated into English, and that is a central goal of this project. This is a must for the Byzantophile !!!
  • Steel Mastery (1,164)
    Armour, and padded accessories for use with same, weapons, clothing (many cultures, incl. Rus, Viking), period shoes, belt fittings and mounts and very nice steel and leather lamelar. Worth a look just to drool over the "exclusive armour", if you like Gothic plate, this is a must see. Quite reasonable prices, be aware of scary postage costs.

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