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Website Upgrade

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  • Sunday, July 29 2012 @ 06:39 AM UTC
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As you can see the website has had a significant backend upgrade. This has been planned for some time, and I have brought this forward after investigating the issue with the gallery. As this is a very significant upgrade, a few things will most likely be broken until I finish fixing them. The gallery has been fixed in this upgrade, the upgrade was necessary to fix this. Once the site functions are confirmed working I will work on restoring the style of the old site. The forums posts should be fully moved over, but let me know if there are any issues. The best way to report this is to email website@nvg.org.au. This is a temporary email address until I can get everything 100% smooth. Use my normal contact methods if you know them.

Forum Spam

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  • Saturday, November 05 2011 @ 09:03 AM UTC
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Following an prolonged influx of spam on the forums I have started taking long term steps to combat this. If you have been affected by this I apologise.

When I first started noticing the spam as an issue I started reacting to it as it came, deleting the offending posts. This eventually became ineffective, especially when the spare time I could devote to it became less and less.

This meant that I needed to start taking measures to end it for good. I have started this process by deleting roughly 25,000 users in mass. Of the accounts now left I still need to eliminate what is left of the accounts responsible for spamming. If you have been caught up in this I aplogise, but the raw numbers of spammy users did not allow me to review any of the accounts.

I have now fixed the registration process that was broken, and the site now requires user registration to be approved. My next step will be looking at getting the forum and website software upgraded.

Medieval Fair at Gumma

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  • Tuesday, May 05 2009 @ 07:58 PM UTC
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Hi Gentle and not so gentle Folk. Enjoyed immensly the Fair last weekend in SA. First one for me. It showcased Medieval Culture to a fair degree. Lots of MediEv garb around and lots of fun. Could have used map of area tho'. I believe I'll join you folk as I can envisage enjoying your activites. Well done all. Insh'allah...The McLeod

The expanding tentacles of the NVG

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  • Sunday, May 18 2008 @ 01:48 PM UTC
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For the odd person who is interested (and you know how odd you are!), here is a quick timeline of the growth of the NVG over the years.

NVG Branches (called Garrisons pre 2006):

  • Vlachernai - Melbourne, Vic (est 1981)
  • Mountians - Blue Mountians, NSW (est 1983, was Katoomba Garrison)
  • Miklagard - Sydney, NSW (est 1987)
  • Riverina - Cootamundra, NSW (est 1991, folded 1994)
  • Dyrrachium - Geraldton, WA (est 1993 from the 1990 Port Hedland outpost, folded 2003)
  • Sarkland/Antioch - Ballarat, Vic (est 1991, originally referred to as the Central Victorian Garrison [Newstead, halfway between Ballarat & Bendigo], then called Sarkland, changed to Antioch in 1995)
  • Rusland - Brisbane, Qld (est 1993)
  • Dubh Linn - Geelong, Vic (est 1993)
  • Thessalonika - Mildura, Vic (est 1995)
  • Hodegon - Melbourne, Vic (est 1998)
  • Handakas - Adelaide, SA (est 2002)
  • Vighla - Bendigo, Vic (est 2006)
  • Jorth Gar - Gold Coast, Qld (est 2006)
  • Maurokastron - Brisbane, Qld (est 2008)
  • Ladoga - Adelaide, SA (est 2009)

  • (Info from Egfroth’s unofficial history of the NVG and the Varangian Voice)

    5th Melbourne Medieval Fayre and Tourney (2007) Report

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    • Sunday, November 25 2007 @ 08:42 AM UTC
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    The 5th Melbourne Medieval Fayre and Tourney (2007) Report

    The weather was fine all weekend with only a national election to affect the turn out on the Saturday. This year saw a larger contingent of re-enactors than ever before, with groups covering from the Greek Hoplites to the American Civil War.

    This MMFAT was started with a grand parade of the participating groups and was then officially opened by the serving Mayor of Berwick and followed by a volley of fire from the 95th Rifles. The first event on the schedule came with the retort of cannon fire of the Rowan Artillery. The SCA did their fighter display consisting of an all in melee, a teams contest and finally a tourney, their display was up to their usual standard of combat, armour and costume. That was followed by an SCA dance demonstration.

    More exciting was the ‘Peasants Revolt’ put on by the members of Antioch and Dublin, where the local peasants were attacked and driven off by a band of brigands, a very fine display. Next came the ‘holmgang’ of the Jomsvikings, a spirited portrayal of a legal contest decided by a feat of arms, plank ‘destructo’ shields should have been used rather than just thin plywood that failed to break appropriately.

    Then came the much practiced for Byzantine Drill display (important for we are to use these same skills for the Film gig in March and the Victorian State Library display in April). We marched around the perimeter of the site, people quickly moved out of our way, then turning we skirted the arena and in, completing many turns our two ranks of spears and two handed axe traversed the arena, counter marching in rank then in file, then marching as to leave but turning swiftly and raising our weapons in attack mode, finally leaving the arena as swiftly as we came to the applause of the crowd.

    After lunch, came the display of the Greek phalanx in action, the lone Roman (Cleave) won that battle. The presentation of Ancient Hoplitikon is getting better every year.

    Mid afternoon saw wonderful display of horsemanship from the King’s Horses Medieval Equestrian Society (Craig and Riggsy looks magnificent on their barded horses), consisting of tilting at the quintain, collecting hoops from poles at a gallop by first dagger then sword and finally, chopping cabbages on poles. A very fine display indeed.

    In the afternoon came the Imperial Inspection of the Troops, with members from Dublin, Hodegon and Vlachernai contributing. The bell tent was put up, the bells and caltrops deployed, the sergeant (Vigulfr) inspected his troops before the Imperial party arrived. The Emperor (Egfrothos the 1st) was preceded by the Imperial purple banner, and accompanied by guards and courtiers. The Emperor then inspected the troops and chattered to some of the soldiers defending the Empire and was heard to say by a reliable source that the troops were a ‘fine body of men’.

    The feast was a quieter affair this year with a lot of re-enactor not attending, the food, dancing and music (provided by Praxis) was great.

    The displays were repeated for the Sunday with the inclusion of the Battle of Poitiers in place of the Imperial Inspection. The Battle of Poitiers was supported by the White Company, Latrobe, LMS, NVG and Corde Bohun. The French formed up at the base of the hill and unleashed waves of attack against the English at the top of the hill, the French were repelled repeatedly by arrows and advances of the English knights and men at arms led by the Black Prince. Finally, the French King and the Oriflamme (the banner of France) were both captured, thus the English won again, to the cheers of the crowd. Well done to Nick (the French King), Jamie (the Duke of Orleans) and Morgan (the Black Prince).

    Overall, a fine event that is growing in size and level of display quality, I look forward to the next MMFAT in 2008.

    Sven (NVG Vlachernai)

    LaTrobe Event Report

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    • Monday, November 05 2007 @ 09:10 AM UTC
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    Hi All,

    Sunday saw two lots of drill training, first with the LaTrobites and
    then with secondly with Vighlians. Great for future events including
    MMFAT, The Film Gig and the State Library.

    Jamie did a great job on the food (with Kat's help) then the heavens
    opened, thunder roared and lightning flashed. Trenches were hastily
    dug, the meat was moved inside the marque.

    About 30 people attended, with a large contingent from the Vighla and
    and LaTrobe.

    We had some problems with not having enough benches and tables (I
    think some are missing after repacking the trailer this morning) but
    we improvised with Fort and shed doors and a drawbridge.

    Sunday saw a little less rain so we had an archery contest (target
    and wand). The winners were:
    Target - 1st Sir John (White Company), 2nd Darren (LaTrobe), 3rd
    Gareth (Antioch), 4th Ryan (Vighla).

    Wand - 1st Sir John (White Company), 2nd Arron (LaTrobe), Equal 3rd
    Gareth (Antioch) & Matt (Vighla).

    Prizes where given to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place getters donated by
    Sven the Merchant.

    After the archery we had a number bear hunts, thanks to Micheal and
    Steve of LaTrobe for acting as the bear.

    I have some lost property (I will bring it to training tonight).

    Guidelines for the hire and use of the Kinglake site will need to be
    reviewed and inforced for future events.

    Kit of the OTC is comptemplating running a later period next year.

    Bye for now,


    The 2008 Gathering

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    • Thursday, October 04 2007 @ 10:18 AM UTC
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    the Gathering 2008 Corryong, Victoria o6 - 09 June 2008

    Cost Structure $40.00 for pre-paid tickets bought prior to 30 April 2008 $50.00 for pre-paid tickets bought after 30 April 2008, and at the gate. People under 18 years of age are admitted free, as this is the minimum age for participation in combat at the Gathering. Authenticity Standards For the Gathering 2008, these are reasonably loose; the main determinate should be that whatever is worn, carried, slept in, (etc) looks as authentic as possible for north-western Europe, for the period c. 750 to 800AD. It is not necessary to be able to quote a British Museum catalogue number, and recite the history of the artefact upon which your recreation is based. Please note that unlike previous years, from 2008 on, modern tentage will no longer be permitted within period campsites; and a separate ‘dome & motoring tent’ area will be allocated. Location The Gathering is held on a public reserve near Corryong, in northern Victoria. It is easily accessible via freeway and first-class roads, taking about six hours from Melbourne and somewhat less from Sydney. The site is covered in mature elm trees and poplars, and although these are bare in the winter, they add considerably to the atmosphere of the event. The site has deep-drop toilets. There is no shower block, but the local caravan park (3km away) will let people use their facilities for a nominal fee ($2 - 3 in previous years). The water from the local creek comes clean, fresh and cold, straight out of the mountains. Frank or Saxon? Please give some thought as to which ‘side’ you’d like to represent at the Gathering in 2008, and let us know, when you buy your ticket, as some activities will require a division of people into these two groups. And if you can come dressed and equipped accordingly, so much the better! Want to know more? If you’d like to know more about the Gathering 2008, contact: Cliff Chatterley (cliffc@otek.com.au or after hours on 03 + 9774-7725). Ian Rogers (irogers@bigpond.com or after hours on 03 + 9889-0123).

    The Gathering

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    • Thursday, October 04 2007 @ 08:32 AM UTC
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    The Gathering 2008

    Corryong, Victoria 06 - 09 June 2008

    What is the Gathering? The Gathering is winter event especially for people who re-enact early medieval European lifestyles. There are two ideas that are central to the Gathering; the first is that the event has a theme based on a particular time and location. This provides a rationale explaining why a fairly varied group of people would get together in the first place, in an historical context. Since 2001, some previous themes have included the funeral of an Old Prussian tribal leader (c.800 AD); the winter encampment of the Great Heathen Army at Repton, Derbyshire (873-874 AD); the resistance of the Irishmen of Munster against the viking invaders (c.1069 AD), as well as the Normans in Italy (c. 1050 AD). The second idea central to the Gathering is that the organisation and conduct of the event is fairly relaxed. That is to say, what happens at the Gathering is to a large extent dependant upon the people who attend. The Gathering organisers provide the site, the firewood, some competitions and trophies, an event token, and a central point of organisation. So if you want to come along and run a workshop, do it. If you want to spend the whole time sitting around your campfire, you can do that too. Live the history; share the experience with others, and have a lot of fun doing it. For in the end, that’s what the hobby is all about. With generally only one activity being run each morning and afternoon, there’s plenty of time to simply relax, catch up with friends, and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. In fact, it’s the unhurried pace of the event that people seem to like most about the Gathering...

    Want to know more? If you’d like to know more about the Gathering 2008, contact:

    - Cliff Chatterley (cliffc@otek.com.au or after hours on 03 + 9774-7725).

    - Ian Rogers (irogers@bigpond.com or after hours on 03 + 9889-0123). We hope to see you there…

    2007 Conference

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    • Wednesday, April 11 2007 @ 08:43 AM UTC
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    Hi All,

    I went to the Australian Medieval Conference dubbed Dullcon by Spike) during Easter.

    I engaged in feasting, frolicking and some fighting (Fort, Projectile Combat).


    1. The food was good and in sufficient and in some case over abundance.
    2. The loos worked fine. However, one poor lass from the Grey Company stepped in a previous loo hole up to her hip, she is still trying to reserect her had made shoe (oooooo!).
    3. The site was lovely, though really off the beaten track. One girl (From the Black Ravens) wrote off her father's car after rolling it on the road in and sustaining no injuries. The showers worked well. The other infrastructure was good. The fort needs a ditch.
    4. There were over twenty archers for the Archery contest ( I only came third overall but I beat Quarf!). The contest consisted of animal targets at different distances and a flying pig. James Murray of Hafdan (Bega Archers) won the overall prize.
    5. In the Projectile combat from the fort there were over thirty archers (of all ages) and a ballista crew loosing arrows and tennis balls respectively, at about 8 infantry. One stupid guy did not wear a box and got hit.
    6. The quality of the tentage and accoutrements have improved. I and John of the Grey Company conducted the Period encampment inspection (I am producing a report that will be published) and were impressed by the efforts made. 1st - Pike and Musket, 2nd Sydney Ancients, 3rd Fire and Steel.
    7. Checking out Rowan Pooley's shaving horse, let alone his tool box.
    8. Holding back the hordes at the gate with Toby of AAF with our spears.
    9. Being given "Safety Sven Approved Patch" by the girls of AAF.

    I thought the following should get commendations for their efforts:

    Arms and armour:
    The Myceans (Big Dave and Rob - Sydney Ancients)
    The Greeks (Sydney Ancients plus some NVG ringins)
    The Full plate guys (Darren - Fire and Steel & Craig - NVG Antioch)
    The Conroi de Bohon (Norman arms, armour and costume)

    The Poles (Quarf, Mr Brew and the beautiful blonde lady (sorry her name escapes me).
    James Willet for his Routier outfit.

    Angela and crew of the Perky.
    As Sven the Merchant I sold many items and have orders for 7 chests and 3 stools. And many people are mad for folding X chair that are only on the drawing board.

    Low lights:

    1. Leeches.
    2. Moving the NVG site to No. 5 away from Creek (still had leeches) but had to do some site clearing.

    Bye for now,


    SA Gumeracha Medieval Fair

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    • Sunday, February 25 2007 @ 05:08 AM UTC
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    There has been alot of talk about the Gumeracha Medieval Fair, but for those people who are interested from interstate, they may not yet know the dates of our Medieval Fair. I am writing this provide those people with updated information or information as a whole.

    The Dates of the Fair will be: 5th and 6th of May 2007

    The Main website here - http://www.medieval.gumeracha.com.au/welcome.htm states that the Program for the Faire will be available in February, but it seems February is drawing to a close very shortly and I see no Program in sight yet, so we must keep our fingers crossed and hope our Representatives at the Meetings can get things sorted quickly. As more information comes across to us, either myself or one of the more informed members shall provide the details for everyone who has even an inkling of taking the journey for a fun filled weekend. The Squire!

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