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  • Saturday, November 05 2011 @ 09:03 AM UTC
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Following an prolonged influx of spam on the forums I have started taking long term steps to combat this. If you have been affected by this I apologise.

When I first started noticing the spam as an issue I started reacting to it as it came, deleting the offending posts. This eventually became ineffective, especially when the spare time I could devote to it became less and less.

This meant that I needed to start taking measures to end it for good. I have started this process by deleting roughly 25,000 users in mass. Of the accounts now left I still need to eliminate what is left of the accounts responsible for spamming. If you have been caught up in this I aplogise, but the raw numbers of spammy users did not allow me to review any of the accounts.

I have now fixed the registration process that was broken, and the site now requires user registration to be approved. My next step will be looking at getting the forum and website software upgraded.

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