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New Documents in the Recipes in the Link section

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  • Monday, June 23 2008 @ 05:16 AM UTC
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New Documents in the Recipes in the Link section


Historic Extant Cook books
6 page PDF file (88 KB) listing Historic Extant Cook books - Roman to 17th century. It is sorted by Date, Region, Cook Booke name and includes any online website reference to the cook book.

Ingredients and origins
A database put together by Andrea Willett. Cullinary components, categorised (animal, vegetable, flavouring) and sub-categorised (amphibian, fish, shellfish, bird, mammal, insect etc) including the ingredient's Common Name, Botanical name where known, where it Originated, when it first arrived in Europe where known, and Notes. Last updated 21/6/08.

NOTE This is a 121KB Microsoft Excel file. This allows the database to be sorted by various fields, & will allow it to be updated regularly without additional coding by the author. To view this file you must have Excel or download the Excel viewer from the Microsoft website

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