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Self nocked arrows

  • Friday, May 30 2008 @ 10:00 AM UTC
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Self nocked arrows

By Stephen Francis Wyley

Self nocked arrows are how arrowsmiths in the medieval period nocked their arrows, and in combat an arrow was often only used once.

For the historical re-enactor today arrows are used repeatedly for a range of activities such as: target, clout, wand, roving and projectile combat.

Bearing these facts in mind you must ensure:

- that the gap in the nock for the string is not overly tight or the nock will split and the arrow is not repairable (note; bow strings come in a range of thicknesses and the nocks must be made to fit, to increase self nock size use a small file or sand paper).
- that the nock, let alone the rest of the arrow, is inspected before use for cracks or loose heads or fletches, and if found to be flawed the arrow must be repaired or discarded as appropriate.
- that the plain self nocked arrows are only used for bows under 60 pounds at 28 inch draw. If you are using a bow that is over 60 pounds at 28 inch draw you must re-enforce the nock with a binding of an appropriate fibre.

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