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LaTrobe Event Report

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  • Monday, November 05 2007 @ 09:10 AM UTC
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Hi All,

Sunday saw two lots of drill training, first with the LaTrobites and
then with secondly with Vighlians. Great for future events including
MMFAT, The Film Gig and the State Library.

Jamie did a great job on the food (with Kat's help) then the heavens
opened, thunder roared and lightning flashed. Trenches were hastily
dug, the meat was moved inside the marque.

About 30 people attended, with a large contingent from the Vighla and
and LaTrobe.

We had some problems with not having enough benches and tables (I
think some are missing after repacking the trailer this morning) but
we improvised with Fort and shed doors and a drawbridge.

Sunday saw a little less rain so we had an archery contest (target
and wand). The winners were:
Target - 1st Sir John (White Company), 2nd Darren (LaTrobe), 3rd
Gareth (Antioch), 4th Ryan (Vighla).

Wand - 1st Sir John (White Company), 2nd Arron (LaTrobe), Equal 3rd
Gareth (Antioch) & Matt (Vighla).

Prizes where given to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place getters donated by
Sven the Merchant.

After the archery we had a number bear hunts, thanks to Micheal and
Steve of LaTrobe for acting as the bear.

I have some lost property (I will bring it to training tonight).

Guidelines for the hire and use of the Kinglake site will need to be
reviewed and inforced for future events.

Kit of the OTC is comptemplating running a later period next year.

Bye for now,


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