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The 2008 Gathering

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  • Thursday, October 04 2007 @ 10:18 AM UTC
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the Gathering 2008 Corryong, Victoria o6 - 09 June 2008

Cost Structure $40.00 for pre-paid tickets bought prior to 30 April 2008 $50.00 for pre-paid tickets bought after 30 April 2008, and at the gate. People under 18 years of age are admitted free, as this is the minimum age for participation in combat at the Gathering. Authenticity Standards For the Gathering 2008, these are reasonably loose; the main determinate should be that whatever is worn, carried, slept in, (etc) looks as authentic as possible for north-western Europe, for the period c. 750 to 800AD. It is not necessary to be able to quote a British Museum catalogue number, and recite the history of the artefact upon which your recreation is based. Please note that unlike previous years, from 2008 on, modern tentage will no longer be permitted within period campsites; and a separate ‘dome & motoring tent’ area will be allocated. Location The Gathering is held on a public reserve near Corryong, in northern Victoria. It is easily accessible via freeway and first-class roads, taking about six hours from Melbourne and somewhat less from Sydney. The site is covered in mature elm trees and poplars, and although these are bare in the winter, they add considerably to the atmosphere of the event. The site has deep-drop toilets. There is no shower block, but the local caravan park (3km away) will let people use their facilities for a nominal fee ($2 - 3 in previous years). The water from the local creek comes clean, fresh and cold, straight out of the mountains. Frank or Saxon? Please give some thought as to which ‘side’ you’d like to represent at the Gathering in 2008, and let us know, when you buy your ticket, as some activities will require a division of people into these two groups. And if you can come dressed and equipped accordingly, so much the better! Want to know more? If you’d like to know more about the Gathering 2008, contact: Cliff Chatterley (cliffc@otek.com.au or after hours on 03 + 9774-7725). Ian Rogers (irogers@bigpond.com or after hours on 03 + 9889-0123).

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