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2007 Conference

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  • Wednesday, April 11 2007 @ 08:43 AM UTC
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Hi All,

I went to the Australian Medieval Conference dubbed Dullcon by Spike) during Easter.

I engaged in feasting, frolicking and some fighting (Fort, Projectile Combat).


  1. The food was good and in sufficient and in some case over abundance.
  2. The loos worked fine. However, one poor lass from the Grey Company stepped in a previous loo hole up to her hip, she is still trying to reserect her had made shoe (oooooo!).
  3. The site was lovely, though really off the beaten track. One girl (From the Black Ravens) wrote off her father's car after rolling it on the road in and sustaining no injuries. The showers worked well. The other infrastructure was good. The fort needs a ditch.
  4. There were over twenty archers for the Archery contest ( I only came third overall but I beat Quarf!). The contest consisted of animal targets at different distances and a flying pig. James Murray of Hafdan (Bega Archers) won the overall prize.
  5. In the Projectile combat from the fort there were over thirty archers (of all ages) and a ballista crew loosing arrows and tennis balls respectively, at about 8 infantry. One stupid guy did not wear a box and got hit.
  6. The quality of the tentage and accoutrements have improved. I and John of the Grey Company conducted the Period encampment inspection (I am producing a report that will be published) and were impressed by the efforts made. 1st - Pike and Musket, 2nd Sydney Ancients, 3rd Fire and Steel.
  7. Checking out Rowan Pooley's shaving horse, let alone his tool box.
  8. Holding back the hordes at the gate with Toby of AAF with our spears.
  9. Being given "Safety Sven Approved Patch" by the girls of AAF.

I thought the following should get commendations for their efforts:

Arms and armour:
The Myceans (Big Dave and Rob - Sydney Ancients)
The Greeks (Sydney Ancients plus some NVG ringins)
The Full plate guys (Darren - Fire and Steel & Craig - NVG Antioch)
The Conroi de Bohon (Norman arms, armour and costume)

The Poles (Quarf, Mr Brew and the beautiful blonde lady (sorry her name escapes me).
James Willet for his Routier outfit.

Angela and crew of the Perky.
As Sven the Merchant I sold many items and have orders for 7 chests and 3 stools. And many people are mad for folding X chair that are only on the drawing board.

Low lights:

  1. Leeches.
  2. Moving the NVG site to No. 5 away from Creek (still had leeches) but had to do some site clearing.

Bye for now,


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