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  • Tuesday, February 13 2007 @ 06:52 AM UTC
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Hi All, Friday night - They showed the "Run Rincewind Run" short at the start of the Disc World Convention (Melbourne) to the laughs, cheers and applause of the attendees and guests. The Rincewind was transported by magic to Melbourne, ran around the CBD and finally into the hall of the Carlton Crest Hotel, had a drink of water, read disc world book, discovered the author in the front row and called him a bastard and then stormed out. Then the crown went wild!!!!! The "Run Rincewind Run" will be put on the Troll Bridge DVD but with Terry's permission it might appear on the Snowgum Films web site soon. Saturday, saw Egfroth, Johnathon, Brenda and myself put on a Arms and Armour demo in the Dysc World Theatre. With a crowd of over 60 we introduced ourselves and the NVG. Egfroth went on for ages on the development of arms and armour but he was supposed to, we had an hour to kill. Johnathon and I put a combat display using a range of weapons combinations. Then we got some very willing participants up on stage put helms on their heads, polearms in their hands and shields on their arms. We got them to roar for the camera and then made a moke attack on the shield wall. We had to repeat this again for their were more volunteers lining up. Brenda ably supported our efforts by handing out the NVG inc. information fliers. Saturday also saw the playing of a trailer for Troll Bridge by Daniel Knight the direct and I formed part of the panel fielding questions from the floor. I had to explain how we trained the actors and how the fight choreography (and problems with lack of lighting) effected the outcome. SGI of the Trolls is holding things up. The SGI guy (who did the SGI for Star Trek Enterprise) is now busy writing a book on SGI (a paying gig) and Troll Bridge is unlikely to be finished this year. Thank to Ben Hughes (ex Dublin garrison) for asking us along. Thanks to the convention organising committee for looking after us. Thanks to Terry Prachett for writing stuff (including lines for us guards). Thanks to Brenda, Egfroth for Johnathon for giving up their time to promote the NVG and entertain and educate the public. Regards, Sven. (Tired and sore).

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